Dubai Investments PJSC keeps sustainability at the core of its business model and is fully committed to the cause. The Company’s sustainability initiatives are centered on ensuring long-term returns and mitigating impacts to create societal value through fair and ethical business practices.

Dubai Investments’ sustainability strategy strives to reduce negative impacts and simultaneously enhance the positive benefits for its stakeholders and the society within the spheres of influence and setting meaningful objectives.

With a firm belief that growth translates into increased responsibilities, the Company aims to create social and economic value for the wider community through a clear and consistent sustainability strategy across four key verticals: workplace, community, marketplace and environment.

Every year, Dubai Investments undertakes a number of initiatives to reinforce its role as a responsible corporate.

Workplace Management

Dubai Investments PJSC organizes events and activities for its employees aimed at educating, raising awareness and building camaraderie among the staff. The initiatives undertaken are aimed at fostering team spirit and encouraging teamwork in pursuit of corporate objectives and individual growth.

Activities include health check-up, blood donation camps, Ministry of Labour workshop, Breast Cancer awareness, Road Race, International Yoga Day among others.

Community Development

Dubai Investments consistently supports various community initiatives, events and activities to help social organizations and campaigns in their charitable and fund-raising programs. The company’s employees also play a key role in a number of community events and charity activities.

Activities include support to autism centres, beat diabetes initiatives, walk for education, meals for labourers, medical treatment for disabled, support to needy students, meals for refugees, educational materials for underprivileged and support to lesser privileged through various outreach efforts.


Dubai Investments organizes events and campaigns to educate and extend a supporting role in the marketplace through educational, health and social events involving the labourers, both within Dubai Investments Park and beyond.

Activities include health check-up and eye camps for labourers, movie screening and other community entertainment events, among others.

Environment Stewardship

Dubai Investments undertakes initiatives to educate and encourage employees and other stakeholders with the opportunities to play their part in saving the environment.

Activities include Green Race to cut down on energy consumption and utility bills, support to Emirates Environmental Group, as also Earth Day and World Energy Day.

Overall, Dubai Investments supports charity initiatives, be it the assistance to ongoing programs of Dubai Cares, Al Noor Centre, Beit Al Khair Society and Smile on the Face for laborers.