CEO’s Message

How can the economy be a base for social stability, an incubator for the welfare of human progress and an active contributor to building knowledge societies and happiness, all at the same time?

Our journey at Dubai Investments, from its inception until this moment, is built around these aforementioned goals and objectives, which in essence exceed the purely material results of success, leaving a deeper influence on our society. These objectives also remain a key expression of our ambitions and our duty to be active and influential partners in fulfilling the core objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.

For this, we consider ourselves at Dubai Investments to be an active partner in the journey to diversify the national economy through broad-base production, and the distribution of investments across various economic sectors which contributes towards increasing national GDP and income.

Dubai Investments is also an important sustainability partner through its commitment to develop and enhance the company’s transparency, and to raise the level of efficiency of its administrative bodies. We believe that irrespective of ownership that companies and economic institutions take, the community will ultimately remain their rightful owners, and this stability will naturally lead to a strong economy and social system.

Dubai Investments is aware of the nature of the challenges experienced by the regional markets, and believes that investment in these markets will contribute towards the economic integration of countries in the region and foster development.

The next phase in the UAE’s journey will raise new standards in building knowledge economies and happy communities, with the economic system fully geared to face unconventional challenges. The knowledge and happiness quotients of any society are rooted in the values and concepts of its social and financial institutions, and powered through innovation and creativity.

This is the vision of Dubai Investments’ Board of Directors and its future roadmap. This is part of the company’s approach to make the economy a base for social stability, influence the welfare of individuals and thus contribute to a happy community.